Euforia is a youth organisation based in Geneva, it is a growing network of young members and volunteers created in 2007.

It aims to show our generation that a real commitment in order to face global challenges (global warming, poverty, racism, etc.) is not only possible, but also necessary and desirable.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

That young people get involved and motivate other young people to become active as well. A virtuous circle to raise awareness and get our generation to commit, as we know for sure that this generation is only waiting for the right occasion to make its voice heard.

Main Activities

Euforia organizes various interactive and impacting events for youth, created and organized by other young people, in order to mobilize their untapped potential, by: presenting them concrete and existing opportunities of involvement, offering an immediate support to their own projects, creating links with other young people who’d like to involve themselves by their side
– STEP into ACTION: interactive project for high school students (16-18) (…)
– Impact project: meeting between young Europeans…
– coordination of Change Makers networks:…


– Youth mobilisation on different issues
– Euforia received distinctions and awards for its projects (i.e. Award distinction as project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development by the UNESCO in 2011)

Finance and Main Partners

– partnerships
– grants