The Eurocitoyens is a forum for organisations from civil society dealing with the European project in France, backed by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation and led by the European Movement- France.

Initiated in November 2012, it gathers and links together as from September 2013 more than 55 diverse organisations, active in the domain of Europe and its citizens: think tanks, action tanks, medias, associations, individuals...

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

We unite our efforts in order to enable all citizens to grasp the European question, and to make their voices and their involvement the heart of European political action.
We are dedicated, and always will be, to extending the European debate to all its citizens

Main Activities

– We share our visions and projects, in order to create the greatest possible synergy;
– We develop various modes of action, such as demonstrations (open, participative, positive, and constructive) or taking a stance in the public sphere, as well as educational programs (creation and spreading of materials, organisation of events) and many other projects for the future.


Cooperative forum and example of good practice in sharing experiences and creating good and productive synergies.