EUROPA EN SUMA is a non-profit association that aims to promote the idea of a united and strong European Union, more close to its citizens. A Europe that, far from the clichés and demagoguery, is really a group of people who are governed by common rules, based on the principles of democracy and human rights.

EUROPA EN SUMA emerged on the initiative of a group of professionals who have been part of the Spanish TV staff in recent years: correspondents, journalists linked to European information, reporters specializing in international news or writers, directors and producers of well-known programs as Weekly Report, in Focus, The World in 24 hours, and so on.

Academics or other professionals not linked to journalism, but also interested in reviving the European project joined the association.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

In a period in which the European Union is going through a political crisis with unforeseeable consequences, accentuated further by the severity of the global economic crisis, the European idea among citizens is diluted with the passivity of national governments, more concerned for save their internal policies, and community institutions, ineffective in driving solutions that reach millions of Europeans.
For that reason, EUROPA EN SUMA, wants to recognize the achievements of the European integration project, build on experiences and existing mechanisms and encourage all initiatives that serve to reinforce awareness of European citizens. We want to be teaching, but also critical and belligerent.
We intend to be a permanent forum on what is said, thought and done in Europe, in which European citizens channel their problems and try to find solutions. We plan to develop political, social or cultural activities that promote European thought from the diversity of approaches and ideas.
We aim to be, in short, a meeting place for all those who believe that Europe can and must move forward as a union of citizens.

Main Activities

– A monthly forum for discussion with experts in the world of diplomacy, economics and politics, on a topic of European relevance.
– Organise one or two monographic or longer sessions a year, open to a wide public. Some of the topics covered have been the protection of minorities in Europe, the history of the European Movement, the Spain’s image in Europe or the EU’s relations with Latin America.


Reinforce the idea of Europe among citizens, the EU as a great historic achievement, but also as an ongoing process.