Place of reflection and exchange, Europartners supports a society project apt to give European construction a renewed meaning.

Europartners brings together and mobilises strong supporters of the EU and officials from the political, economic, social and cultural areas in a spirit of pluralism open to all sensibilities.

The association organises debates and publishes papers on all aspects of European integration.

Founded in 1994 by Elisabeth Guigou, the association Europartners is now co-chaired by Elisabeth Guigou and Jean-Noel Jeanneney.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • make Europe move forward
  • redefine the roles and responsibilities of social and political actors
  • give European construction a renewed meaning
Main Activities
  • Circle: around a high European personnality, during breakfast time, with founding members of the association, officials from the political, cultural, economic and social areas. Each Circle is hosted by the president of a large company, a European embassy or a senior member of a prestigious cultural center.
  • The letter: two European figures give their opinion on a major European current issue. Elisabeth Guigou and Jean-Noel Jeanneney take a stand on major European issues in a co-authored editorial.
  • The Interviews: around a guest of honor, these meetings bring into perspective the most current issues of European society and contribute in a spirit of anticipation, to the great debates of tomorrow. Dialogue is important, it facilitates a broadened exchange, which helps to find ways and means to improve the involvement of European citizens.
  • Meetings: Europartners, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Jean Jaurès Foundation have been associated for many years to promote a political Europe and reflect on the European identity. In view of the questions aroused by the revival of Europe, these meetings are an opportunity to clarify differences and points of convergence between Germany, France and other EU countries on the political project of the construction of a common identity in Europe. Several seminars and conferences are also organised according to the news.
  • Working Groups: under the chairmanship of a member of the Board, several experts and politicians meet regularly to formulate policy proposals. Reports are sent to political, economic and social european representatives, and to opinion leaders.

Meetings and conferences with political leaders.