The vision of EUROPEAN CHOICE ( ЄВРОПЕЙСЬКИЙ ВИБІР ) is a pro-European orientation and European integration of Ukraine, enabling our nation full membership of the European Union by year 2030. Our mission is to assist Ukraine integrate with the EU through active participation of Ukrainian organizations (NGO’s, Government agencies, and enterprises) and direct attendance by Ukrainian nationals in European programs, projects and initiatives.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

By cooperating with European institutions and organizations, we promote the European values, democracy, culture, business, and ‘knowledge and awareness’ tourism in Ukraine. Through campaigns based on European Day, Week, and Year themes, European Choice helps Ukrainian decision-makers, civil society professionals and practitioners, entrepreneurs, and media to boost its integration with Europe and the European Union.

European Choice is a Ukrainian umbrella non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2003. We are professionals with a unique blend of skills, knowledge and liaisons for international investors, European policy and integration, international culture and CSR, development, anticorruption, media and journalism, lobbying, Project Management and IT technology.

Main Activities

The Year of Europe in Ukraine 2020 is a long-term campaign to raise awareness about the European values in Ukraine with the aim of Ukraine applying for full membership of the European Union by the year of 2020. We are inviting European institutions, organizations and enterprises to join our network and to become a partner of European Choice.

We are proud to say that European Choice is the first Ukrainian organization to become a partner of the EYD2015. We encourage European foundations, projects and programs to present and share with us information on grants, exchange programs and internships open for application by Ukrainians

European Choice will arrange the event ‘Ukrainian Development Week’ in Kyiv in September to which we invite European and Ukrainian decision-makers and experts for knowledge-sharing, debating, and brainstorming about development and reforms that could benefit a successful Ukrainian integration to the EU by 2030.

The “Euroshool” is our tool introduce the young generation of Ukrainians to Europe. Through arranged travels to countries within the EU, the participants can get acquainted with European culture, languages, meet with Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s), make new friends, and bring new thoughts and ideas back to Ukraine.

In April 2015, European Choice welcomed its first European volunteer. Volunteering is a unique opportunity for EU nationals to visit Ukraine and get to know the country first-hand. European Choice welcomes applications from Europeans in political office, university students or anyone with a special interest in Ukraine.


More than 40 completed projects in collaboration with partners in Europe and the United States with a total budget of approximately 1.4 million euro.

Through projects, programs and events organized by the organization, along with daily awareness raising via social media, we have reached approximately 2 million Ukrainians.

From 2003, European Choice has developed from a grass root initiative started by a few devoted members to a national network engaging every region of Ukraine in the European initiative.

Today, European Choice cooperates with some 700 network partners, activists and volunteers from 85 cities in Ukraine.

Thanks to determined work since 2012, we are proud to say we are the first Ukrainian organization to become partner of the European Year of Development initiate in 2015.

In April 2015, European Choice invited its first European volunteer to Ukraine.

From 2011, our Euroschool program allows Ukrainian citizens to experience Europe. Through our trips, around one thousand Ukrainians have visited twelve EU countries.

Over two thousand people are today following European Choice on Facebook and Twitter through which we reach thousands of people in Europe, Ukraine and the rest of the world every day.

Finance and Main Partners

We are member and partners of:

• Civil Society Forum Eastern Partnership
• European Year for Development 2015
• CONCORD Civil Society Alliance
• Ukraine 2020 Policy Dialog Project
• Open Government Partnership
• European Year for citizens 2013/2014
• S.E.N.S.E.2010 Polish Aid Project
• Compass 2020 Fridrich Ebert Stiftung Project
• Civil League UKRAINE-NATO

Year budget 600k EURO which is comes from business and people. Since 2009 organization dont have EU or any international support for the reasons of internal strategy.