The European Movement in the Republic of Macedonia is a part of the European Movement International (EMI).
Created in 1991 It is among the first NGOs in the Republic of Macedonia. It has continuously acted upon the affirmation of the EU integration processes in the RM creating conditions for accelerating the EU accession.
EMRM has approximately 200 individual members, as well as offices in 7 municipalities in Macedonia.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Raise public awareness about the European values, achievements and the future of the European integration in the Republic of Macedonia;
– Objective and analytical examination of the status and prospective of the relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the European Union;
– Contribute to the development of democratic dialogue on all issues of European integration;
– Development of civil society in the Republic of Macedonia and its involvement and contribution to the realisation of the vision of “Citizens’ Europe”,
– Encourage good neighbourly and regional co-operation based on common European aspirations, and

Main Activities

– Organization of scholarly, cultural and political events (public debates, panel discussions, press conferences, international conferences);
– Establishment, maintenance and use of databases of the activities of EMRM and EMI, creation and maintenance of a website;
– Creation and update of bibliographic and document resource bases on the relations between the Republic of Macedonia and EU as well as on the integration of RM into the EU;
– Regular meetings of the Forum of editors and journalists on foreign policy and European affairs;
– Organization of more than 28 events for the celebration of 9 May, the Europe Day;
– Regular annual activities, informative, public and of solemn character.


EMRM has established a particularly close cooperation with the most influential actors in the field of EU integrations (municipalities, the Government, other civic associations, enterprises, universities, and media).
Its activities are based on a high performance of human resources. There is a direct connection with the European studies’ students of all universities who do their professional internship in EMRM.
Members of the EMRM are European integration specialists (acknowledged professors, sociologists, journalists, PhD students, directors of agencies, attorneys, lawyers, and economists).
EMRM is not politically determined (which is an advantage regarding the national context), however, members of various political parties are also members of EMRM, thus creating the possibility for information flow and affirmation of joint integrative strategies.
EMRM has a long tradition of action and developed action practices.

Finance and Main Partners

EMRM has available a very modest budget, although the activities that it realizes are numerous.
As partners in the activities often occur Conrad Adhenauer Stiftung and the EU Delegation in Macedonia.
Many activities are voluntary character, and financially supported by the members and local sponsors.