EPE is a multi-stakeholder forum bringing together Public Authorities, Companies large and small, Trade Unions, Research Institutes, Environmental Organisations, Consumer and Ethical NGOs and Civil Society Groups.

Its mission is to improve cross-sectoral collaboration and joint initiatives to align business, capital, markets and society more closely with the sustainability agenda. EPE builds the ground for consensus on sustainability and serves as a catalyst, in Europe and around the world, to achieve into the future a better balance between the environmental, social and economic elements of life.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– Engineering multi-stakeholder partnership for sustainability, as a source of eco-innovation;
– Involving (a) Sustainability Standards Setters, (b) Sustainability Investors, (c) Sustainability Purchasers and (d) Sustainability Performance Raters to spin an improvement cycle that can foster system change;
– Revisiting the policy debate based on best practices along the value chain;
– Contributing to strategic change within companies aimed at capturing sustainable business opportunities and minimizing relating risks (future proofing business model). Sustainability vision, strategy and capital allocation, innovation / R&D, CEO & board leadership, governance & strategic integration, cultural alignment, marketing & branding.
– Increasing the demand side for eco-innovation (green banking, green procurement, new ESG) to accelerate necessary actions to reach the sustainability targets as defined by the European Union and implement the Climate Change and Energy Package(s) goals.

Main Activities

– STAGE I of the decision process (Ante) – EPE identifies key matters that will be of concern in the future for public authorities, business and civil society and that should encourage organisations to kick off cross-sectoral initiatives or the EU institutions to develop relevant regulations in certain areas;

– STAGE II of the decision process (Momentum) – EPE develops new « Public Private Partnerships » tools to give impetus to the most appropriate processes and initiatives;

– STAGE III (Post) – EPE works on accelerators when the regulations and public or private initiatives are in place and need concrete implementation and capacity building measures.


– A real multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral approach
– Different times or levels of action proposed