What is EUwatch ? a structure of information monitoring about Europe Purpose : allowing citizens to get information about Europe in their pocket and engage and participate using hashtags on social networks.

Legal form
Initiative without a legal form
Main Activities

8 month ago EUwatch was born, today it represent more then 34018 visits shared on it’s four main topics, without any advertising, beside the one of participating in EU related matters on social media.
The main idea is to disrupt European Elections 2014 with citizens point of view from all 28 countries of Europe.
Our plan is to oblige MEP’s and national MP’s to talk about the issue that we are concerned about, as EU citizens. the plan is to disrupt the usual election circus that tend to become a People Fashion show more then a ideological debate about the Europe we want to build for future generation, and the Europe we want to live Now !

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– Engage citizens across all EU about the upcoming elections in may 2014
– Produce workshops to empower citizens to use the tools in their hands to interact with candidates
– Share a set of tools to allow more citizens to participate in the debate ahead of the elections
– Make sure the output of the Elections are what European citizens need for the Europe they want by Voting !