Promoting the practice of Common Good and Public Trust in Hungary

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Establishing the principles and practice of Common Good and Public Trust in Hungary
A fairer, more equal society,
Equal economic opportunities

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The standard of the common good shows the extent to which people in a given society are able to improve their economic situation. The higher the public good, the greater the proportion of people capable of doing so. And the task of politics would be to raise the standard of the Common Good, and if it does so, then people can rightly expect people to trust it. Public good and Public Trust are therefore closely related concepts.

We conduct economic activities for the sake of our existence, to ensure our individual survival. Since we do this in a community, its operation fundamentally affects the level of economic activities. The economy reflects the functioning of society, it is its imprint.

The conditions for an efficient – Pareto-optimal – exchange are, among others, social equality, the same level of information, and the same level of knowledge. In other words, an economy works well if it is not hierarchical, but based on equality, if the members can assert their interests in the same way, there are no individuals and companies in a monopoly position who can impose their will on the other party.

The correct functioning of society is therefore also reflected in the fact that the standard of education is high, there are no excluded groups who have access to better education and those who have access to worse. Likewise in information.

Our association therefore fights for fair public life and economic conditions here in Hungary in order to develop fair economic and social conditions.

To this end, we would like to introduce foreign practices and applications in Hungary as well, which help to implement them. We fight against corruption, the abuse of power and dominance, we support social and economic equality, the development of education, and those in a socially disadvantaged position.


We have a strong theoretical background and broad social connections. We are also members of several international organisations.

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