Filipino Nurses Association-Nordic is a Non-Profit Organisation which aims in empowering Filipino Internationally Educated Nurses living in the Nordic Region. Founded in October 2018 to address the needs of Filipino Nurses and help future Filipino Nurses on how to become Registered Nurses in the Nordic Region.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

The following are the ten strategic goals of the group.

  1. To contribute to the care of the environment and explore our roles in climate change
  2. To be part in realising the role of Internationally Educated Nurses in the attainment of Universal Health Coverage in the Nordic Region.
  3. To maintain a patient-centred Care.
  4. To understand our responsibilities towards Antimicrobial Resistance
  5. To strengthen the competencies of Filipino Nurses towards aging care.
  6. To help encourage other migrants living in the region to take the National Vaccination Programme respective of the country of residence in the Nordic Region.
  7. To monitor that recruited Filipino Nurses are well-integrated in the Nordic countries to help maintain the mental health and well-being of the nurses.
  8. To update with the latest evidence-based research in nursing.
  9. To cooperate with the national and international authorities in realising the pressing problems of the global health.
  10. To uphold the rights of Filipino Nurses by ensuring that recruitment agencies are following the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel.
Main Activities
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Climate Change Advocacy
  • Campaigning for Better Policy for Immigrant Filipino Nurses
  • Annual Assembly

Registered NGO in the Nordic Region

Finance and Main Partners

No Financers.