The Forum Carolus is a European think tank based in Strasbourg.
The debates and works of Carolus Forum are organised around two main themes: interdisciplinary, intergenerational, transpolitical and open debate « of » and « in » Strasbourg on Europe; interregional economic strategy - a theme for which Alsace and Rhineland are laboratories of experimentation and initiatives of the Europe of tomorrow.
A network of regional, national and European actors coming from very different backgrounds, supporting the project and participating in its work has been established around the Forum Carolus
The European think tank, « Carolus Forum » was initiated by François Loos, when he was Minister Delegate to the Industry.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

The Forum Carolus has the ambition to let Strasbourg and the Rhineland Area become an important forum for discussing strategic issues in Europe.

Main Activities

Carolus Forum activities are structured around two main themes: economy and technology in the Upper Rhine; Europe in Strasbourg and the Upper Rhine in Europe.
Each theme leads to seminars, publications, etc..


-A think tank dedicated to a major European region.
-The desire to let Strasbourg become an attractive pole at the European level.