We were founded in 2013 by Philippe Busquin, former European Commissioner; Grégor Chapelle, Director General of Actiris; Didier De Jaeger, Corporate Director; Eric Domb, founder of Pairi Daiza; Monica Frassoni, President of the European Green Party; Pierre Kroll, press cartoonist; Jean-Pascal Labille, Minister of Public Enterprises and Development Cooperation; Philippe Maystadt, former Belgian minister and president of the EIB; Benoît Scheuer, sociologist and founder of the research institute Survey & Action and of Prevention Genocide/ Verbatims; Dan Sobovitz, Strategic Consultant at the European Commission; Eric Winnen, Director General of Dialectiq

Legal form

We aim to find solutions against identity populism and to foster open identities and diversity within Europe. Our 3 guidelines are:

Understand: We thrive to understand the roots and consequences of identity populism, providing extensive information on this topic. As existing research on identity populism is scattered and rarely concentrated, we believe that it is essential to offer a platform to gather all existing knowledge actions and theories, and allow access to all.

Collaborate: In this regard, we aim to intensify an effective collaboration between existing groups and relevant agents in civil society, politics, economy, science and media to further raise awareness in all sectors of society.

Invent: Our main goal is to foster solutions by actively contributing to the advancement of best practices and innovative, out-of-the-box approaches and by encouraging an exchange of experience and know-how in the field of identity populism through the creation of a tight network of leading actors.

Main Activities

• Conferences and interactive workshops: create space for reflection and creation of efficient counter-measures against identity populism and related issues.
• Published documents: We will regularly publish reports on our website with research articles; news and a summary of our conferences and workshops, freely accessible to all.
• Empirical data: We will develop indicators to measure countries according to their ability to offer a good base for the respect of diversity and equality.
• Charter of living together: A key document, drafted by a group of our founders and other renowned persons, will be signed by public figures from politics, economy, culture and media.
• Opinion surveys focused on identity and populism


Expert platform on identity populism; Open European identity