1990 – Co founder of the Association of the ecologists of the municipalities in Bulgaria 1991 - Our NGO created the first municipal environmental inspectorate.

Legal form

FEA is a foundation managed by Board of three people, represent by a President of the Board. FEA is focused on environment, agriculture and energy issues. FEA has a big network of experts, voluntaries and friends. FEAs main objectives are:

– To fight against GMOs and promote sustainable and organic agriculture; To protected the existed ban on GMOs in Bulgaria;
– To fight against nuclear and fossil projects and to promote sustainable decentralized energy system based on renewables;
– To unite all the NGOs in the sectors of Environment and Agriculture during an important common campaigns;
– To stop illegal fishing and deforestation and to advocating for giving back the local commons to the local communities;

Main Activities

-We provide an education to people in rural areas on how to produce without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
-We study and implement in our country the world experience of the good farming practices.
-We assist local authorities in the preparation of the legislation towards the European Union requirements.
-We help farmers to convert their farms from conventional to organic and to establish contacts with their Bulgarian and foreign colleagues.
-We attract public awareness towards the environmental problems by campaigns and publications.
-We study the areas possible for organic farming
-We work on international and national level on environmental, agriculture and social law. And provide advises and legal defense to citizen, NGOs and local communities.
-We organize workshops, practical courses, happenings, experiments of organic farming and energy saving.
-We present the advantages of the native organic products to the consumers.
-We are working with the minorities/ mainly gipsy, roma and Turkish cattle breeders/ on waste management and storaging.
-We are educating local population and local authorities on Natura 2000 network and how they can benefit from that policy on their own territory.
-We are campaigning against dangerous Nuclear power plant projects in Central and Eastern Europe and on the Balkans.


– Efficiency – small NGO but very powerful according to the achievements in successful campaigns
– Coordination – usually members of FEA are part of the coordination teams in the environmental and agricultural campaigns
– Expertise – FEA has very big network of experts that could positively influence different environmental and agricultural campaigns
– Lobbying – FEA is very well known by politicians because of the often public representation and participation in the parliamentarian commissions. FEA has the personal contacts of many decision makers in Bulgaria and EU.