Created in 1993 as Institute for the Franco-German cooperation in Europe, the Foundation was restructured in 2009 to be centered on two main themes: the artistic and cultural dialogue in Europe and the political European dialogue.

It focuses particularly on franco-german and germano-polish dialogue as well as on the Weimar Triangle.
The artistic and cultural dialogue in Europe team works to implement a strategic dialogue between actors and experts of arts and culture as well as of the artistic and cultural education.
The European Dialogue team promotes a constructive debate on EU issues.

Legal form

– Strengthen European cultural diversity, as well as its political capacity, its social cohesion and its economic dynamism
– Contribute to the research of new original solutions to contemporary and future political and social challenges of our societies.

Main Activities

– Between the State and the civil society, the Foundation works since 2009 on two main themes: Artistic and cultural dialogue in Europe and the European dialogue
– Organisation of conferences and seminars on different European issues
– Research programmes
– Artist-in-residence
– Summer universities for graduate students from France, Germany and Poland.
– Cultural and artistic projects


The Genshagen Foundation is known as an institution where political, economic and social issues linked to the European construction and agenda are discussed in a constructive and controversial high-level debate.