HES became a legal entity in 2010. First, the society has been involved in the intellectual and organisational efforts to support Hungary’s accession to the EU.

Since 2004, HES has strongly argued in favour of membership and brings in all-European issues to the domestic discourse.

HES has cooperated with many Hungarian and international partners on different matters (including European elections, the rule of law, media freedom, public administration reform, visa liberalisation, Western Balkans, etc.).

Legal form
Non-profit organization

The Hungarian Europe Society as a non-governmental and non-partisan organisation, intends to be involved in the ongoing international dialogue on the future of liberal democracies.

The core of its interest and activities – although not exclusively – is the European Union and the Hungarian membership inside the Union.

Its objective is to represent and promote the idea of a united Europe, and the European common values, in Hungary and abroad.

Main Activities

Conferences, seminars, lecturing, networking, research, training, collecting signatures and campaigning, (political) declarations, club-life, voice (interviews, articles, blog, protest and support) on the fields of international, European and Hungarian politics.


– organisational skills and experience
– 160 individual members, mostly experts
– democratic structure, strong leadership
– international and European network
– high-level international advisory board