iDROPS is the partner in social innovation for governments, profit & non-profit organizations or companies. We organize and guide innovation processes around six societal challenges: Care, New Learning, Sustainability, Superdiversity, Global Innovation and Community Building. Together we install a sustainable change and we work on a viable, inclusive future. This way we also prepare your organization for the future. Participation is our most important asset!

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Non-profit organization

Not an instant answer to the social challenges or difficult issues of our time? Then attract the right partner. Together we turn your challenges into new opportunities!

We develop workshops and innovation processes tailored to your organization, company or government. We do that effectively, including and with a lasting impact. We offer handy tools that your people can use themselves. In this way we not only strengthen your team, but also your organization or company. And maybe even a piece of the world!

Our projects are strongly substantiated in terms of content: from facilitation to implementation. We rely on the Human-centered Design Method (HCD) and other repetitive processes to refine the solutions. Innovation, culture and digitality are the thread running through all our collaborations.

Main Activities

1. DEEP DIVE – Investigate the problem

Together with your most important stakeholders, we detect what is going on in society. We delve into the theme and identify needs, concerns and opportunities in a creative and active way.

2. CREATIVE LAB – Generate ideas

Once the problem has been sufficiently addressed, we come up with solutions. Our creative workshops are experimental spaces, in which we stimulate and activate the participants to generate as many ideas as possible.

3. DESIGN LAB – Realizing concepts

In the next phase, we ask experts and stakeholders from the cultural and digital world to select and actualize the best solutions. These workshops are design spaces in which we translate ideas into tangible and testable prototypes, strategies and interventions.

4. PROOF OF CONCEPT – Implement

The products/services/systems that survived the first test will be further developed into a pilot project. In the best case, we will put them on the market afterwards and upscale them.

5. IMPACT CHECK – Measure your impact

Afterwards, we evaluate the impact of the project on the target group and society in general. We take a critical look at what we did, to maximize our impact and to learn for later projects.


At iDROPS we engage in social innovation. Together with you and your organization, municipality or city, we look for innovative solutions to social challenges. We turn challenges into new opportunities. We are working on a viable and inclusive future, with an extra focus on Sustainable Development Goals.