The Igman Initiative is an umbrella association founded in 2001 whose projects are implemented at both micro- and macro-levels.
It comprises NGO representatives, political and economic analysts, media, and local government representatives, who present, asses and design projects together at joint working sessions

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– to promote and facilitate local and regional dialogue in the fields of politics, economy and culture;
– to promote confidence building and advocacy of democratic values;
– to monitor and apply positive pressure on the Dayton Triangle governments to bring about a faster normalization of their relations;
– to confront and question governmental policies when human rights are violated;
– to create a space in which people can openly express opinions, feel comfortable responding to one another and act on behalf of their communities;
– to foster initiatives in Southeastern Europe to help this region become a zone of peace, cooperation and tolerance with open borders.

Main Activities

– organisation of conferences, seminars and other international events: « days of Igman Initiative », « Session of Igman Initiative »
– presentation of TV series
– creation of Expert teams for Citizenship, Property, and Movement of Goods, People and Capital


– important network of NGOs working in the region
– its history and commitment to the normalisation of international relations in the region