Africa Si was born out of the interest of a group of friends to carry out an inter national cooperation project, with the challenge of not having a budget and financial support to guarantee its success.

In any case, on December 23rd 2009, they introduced the goals and challenges they wanted to achieve to the media in Zaragoza, with great expectation of the press, radio and television. The event was backed, in a press conference, by Luis Maria Garriga, Zaragoza City Sports Adviser, Jesus Zamora, Director of Sports department of COPE, Jesus Glaria, Real Zaragoza Veterans Representative and Juan Carrillo, Chairman of the NGO Africa Si.

Why? To raise funds for their project “Schools in a Network”, they organized the All-Star Game, which would gather the most emblematic players of Zaragoza in the same sports hall. There were Real Zaragoza F.C. and CAI Zaragoza x-players, who brought the best victories to Aragon, and were also followed and celebrated at national level, when they won European Re-Cups, or played European rounds on behalf of Spanish sport.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Main Activities

Meanwhile the aim for the “Network Schools” project was explained. It is to repair and adjust computer equipment which is replaced, withdrawn or abandoned by institutions, organizations, companies or individuals every year. Once ready, they are installed in public schools in Ghana in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of that country.

This would lead to a significant improvement — both in terms of quality and quantity — in the training in new technologies at compulsory basic (and free) education levels for thousands of African students, and would result in multiple medium-term benefits, not just for students’ preparation and opportunity, but also for the development of their villages, their communities and the entire country.

The project quickly spreads among several entities, which decide to back it up by providing computer equipment. lready during the first year the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and several institutions, organisms and entities (Securitas Espana, the SOS Group and others) openly supported our “Network Schools” project by providing computer equipment.

Finance and Main Partners

The finantiation comes from the particular donatorr the events, as the Stars Match, which is played between famous people and retired players of football and basketbal.


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