Inforum was funded to represent the interests of business oriented and non-profit organizations working on the field of IT, of individuals and of IT users in 1997. Since then it has been doing significant lobbying activity on the IT field.
Inforum took an important role in establishing the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Communication in 2002 and to set up the Committee on Informatics and Telecommunications of the Hungarian Parliament in 2001 as a standing committee.
The association has been making big effort for lobbying against reprographic fee of printers circulated in Hungary (1999-2005).
Inforum initiated establishing the eInclusion Parliamentary Commettee in October, 2008.
Besides lobbing activity the organisation has been shaping the notion of information society in Hungary through publishing books and studies.
From 2003 we focused on digital inclusion issue with the Grandparent-Grandchild Internet Competition. (the project was awarded by the European Commission with the E-inclusion Award in 2008 and 2012). From 2005 our organisation took part in many successful projects targeting e-inclusion and lifelong learning.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

-Developing Information Society
-Representing the interests of organizations on the field of IT and users (individuals)
-Fostering wide usage of social IT
-Achieving digital equal opportunities through teaching IT skills for seniors
-Closing digital gap through awareness raising activity (targeting grandparents and their grandchildren to encourage them learning IT skills from each other)

Main Activities

-Lobbying activity on the IT field
-Shaping the notion of information society in Hungary through publishing books and studies
-Fostering digital inclusion issue
-Taking part in EU projects targeting e-inclusion and life long learning


Inforum works to enhance equal chances of citizens’ participation for all European countries, which would make Europe stronger.