Institute for Roma and Minorities

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Institute for Roma and Minority strives for a society where the targeted young people enjoy equal access to opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, have a voice in their community and society, whose needs are tackled by the institutions that have a direct impact in their daily lives. Our vision is based on universal standards and practices of the civil society. The mission is to empower minority and Roma young people for the challenges they face supporting them with various formal and non formal activities that enable them to become active citizens influencing policies that are on their interest.

We operate through the follow objectives:

  1. Roma and minority young people have increased education and training performance
  2. Roma and minority Young people are active citizens in the field of youth and Roma and minority policies contributing for well being of Roma and minority community and society
  3. Roma and minority Young people are pride of their identity
  4. Decreased level of unemployed Roma and minorities
Main Activities

Seminars, Conferences, study visits,  researches, analyses

  • Experience in Erasmus+ ( KA1, KA2 and KA3), Europe for citizens
Finance and Main Partners

Erasmus+, Europe for citizens