The International Human Rights Funders Group is a global network of donors and grantmakers committed to advancing human rights around the world through effective philanthropy.

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Non-profit organization

IHRFG’s approach is based on seven core “inquiry questions” through which we guide our work and growth:

How do we…

  • assist funders in strengthening the strategic effectiveness of their human rights grantmaking?
  • cultivate thought leadership among human rights grantmakers, through which we challenge ourselves and others?
  • foster collaboration, connection and community among human rights funders?
  • develop into a network more truly global in participation and perspective?
  • expand opportunities for funder engagement in shaping policies with relevance to human rights grantmaking?
  • expand the extent to which funders across a range of issue areas incorporate a human rights framework into their grantmaking? and,
  • ultimately, how do we increase overall funding for human rights?