Investigate Europe (IE) is a cross-border and prize-winning investigative cooperative of journalists from all over Europe committed to delivering quality and in-depth journalism that matters to Europeans.

Legal form
a European cooperative of journalists
Main Activities

As a permanent cross-border collaborative team with investigative reporters from currently 12 countries – Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK – IE is publishing its investigations with renowned media partners from all over Europe and via its own multilingual website (English, French, German and Italian), social media channels and podcasts.

IE’s unique cross-border approach continues to provide its readers, partners and donors with impactful journalism that holds power to account and uncovers the essential stories of an ever-changing Europe.

At the core of our work are our months-long in-depth investigations. Our current team of 16 journalists from 12 countries agree on important research question, share results, and adapt the common core findings to their own national contexts. Once the investigation is complete, they publish the results with media outlets in their local language. Each investigation is also accompanied by common publications via IE’s own channels that have by now gained a significant readership. This unique way of working helps
the readers understand Europe better, providing them a critical, deepened perspective on national and continent-wide affairs. Thanks to our vast network of media partners and geographical scope of the investigations, we have capacity to reach millions of Europeans with our stories, mounting up to 17 million followers on partners’ social media networks alone.