Empowering citizens to engage democratically for effective climate policy.

Legal form

Adoption of Carbon Pricing in a politically sustainable way. Delivering benefits to:

  • Environment
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Societal fairness
  • Resistant to influence from bad actors


Main Activities

We focus on 5 levers of creating political will:

  1. Political lobbying
  2. Grassroots – citizen engagement
  3. GrassTops – community and industry influencers
  4. Media
  5. Group development

We operate at the EU level within Parliament and the Executive as well as at national level with Member States and other European countries.


Clarity of purpose and sharp focus on the most impactful legislation to address the climate crisis.

  • Independent evidence and data
  • Respectful ongoing relationships
  • Non-partisan approach
  • Diversity
  • Integrity


Finance and Main Partners

Support in kind from Citizens’ Climate Education US covering training, international legislation and IT infrastructure. Estimated value ~€50k

International Climate Income Alliance €5k – political engagement.