JEF Spain is a federation of associations of Young European Federalists in Spain and was initially established in 1984. However, the first section in Spain of JEF was born in Catalonia (JEF Catalunya) in October 1978.

We are a non profit organisation working on several regions in Spain. We are part of the Young European Federalists (, who seeks for a more democratic Europe.

We work with young people to foster participation in political affairs and a bigger understanding of the European Union all over Spain.

Our activities aim to connect youngsters with democratic processes so that they take an active part in their duties as citizens.
We extend our ideas through street actions and publications open to the public. We participate in international events and youth exchanges and cooperate with other youth organizations, both within and outside European borders.

We are independent from political parties or private organizations. We are a group of young people with a common enthusiasm and we invite to join us everyone who want to participate, in one way or another, to create a fairer Europe.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

-We work for the creation of a federal Europe, a first step towards peace and towards a federal world, and for a freer, more democratic and fairer society.
-To disseminate pro-European ideas in Spanish society.
-To promote the creation of new regional organisations in Spain.
-To coordinate regional organisations.
-To represent the members of the different regional organisations of JEF Spain abroad.
-The ideals and objectives of JEF are also defined in the manifesto, the Declaration and all documents and resolutions adopted by the European Congress or the Federal Commission of JEF Europe.

Main Activities

We are a group of young people active and committed who work for an European Union closer to citizens through pedagogy and the organization of activities with a critical but constructive perspective. Our main activities are:

– Public awareness campaigns on the European Union
– Information campaigns on Pro-Europeanism and European federalism.
– Training activities on the functioning of the European institutions, both in schools and in universities.
– Simulation Workshops on the functioning of the European institutions.
– Information on the activities of the European institutions.


– We are a non-profit organization, independent of political parties and private organizations, formed by young volunteers who develop educational, information, debate and communication activities with the aim of building a more united and democratic Europe.
– The large network of partners that have all around Europe provides a wide spread of its campaigns and activities in many countries of the EU.
– Recently, apathy towards the European Union has grown in all citizens, especially the younger ones with high rates of abstention. A look at recent protest movements against the European Union largely shows that there is a growing rejection of the European Union institutions in many cases because of the lack of knowledge in our country concerning the European Union. In this sense not only eurosceptics, but there are “euro-unaware”. In this situation of lack of knowledge we have proposed address gaps in Spanish debate organizing activities to promote and make citizens aware of the opportunities and challenges in Europe.