The Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung („Kreuzberg Children’s Foundation“) is committed to educational justice and youth engagement. It funds projects, grants scholarships and manages its own programs – in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany and Europe.

Legal form
Non-profit public company

For educational justice and youth engagement
We believe in the abilities of young people, support their ideas and provide education opportunities. We focus on those who only receive little support from the education system, from their parents or from their social environment.

With funding, grants and our own projects
The Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung creates opportunities and safe spaces where young people can grow and develop. They engage in political processes, discover their potential, learn to appreciate diversity and overcome challenges, and thereby become more self-confident and responsible.

In Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany and Europe
Our foundation is based in the district of Berlin-Kreuzberg, where we support local projects for children and youth. But our commitment does not end at the district boundaries: With Kreuzberg values such as tolerance and flexibility, and a commitment for innovation and diversity, we are active in Germany and Europe.

Main Activities

Funding programs
With our funding programs we support projects of other non-profit organizations. We are especially happy to promote activities that are planned and organized by children and young people themselves. In addition to our Germany-wide program „Civic Engagement of Children and Youth“ we support youth projects in Greece to offset the effects of the economic crisis.

By awarding scholarships we allow teenagers and young adults access to education and intercultural experiences. Since 2009, we have given German students who attend secondary education schools the chance to spend a school year abroad. Since 2016, our scholarships and stipends have also enabled students to attend vocational colleges abroad.

The experience of being abroad is invaluable for the personal development of young people, and we believe that intercultural experiences should be open for all. In addition to focusing on non-Gymnasium students, we support intra-European student exchange. We aim to bring together the youth of Europe, thereby strengthening the unification of our continent in these challenging times. Due to the same motivation, we also grant stipends for a three-week study trip  for young people to Greece.

Our IKAROS Scholarship gives young people a second chance to obtain an educational degree. There are many factors that lead to dropping out of school – and at least as many good reasons to return to school for a degree or professional qualification.

Since 2016 we also support young lawyers who aim to fight for human rights by giving them access to practical experience in the internationally recognized European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), located in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Our ECCHR scholarship allows capable young people from different countries, who would otherwise not have access to practical experience due to their financial situation, the chance to study. At the same time, our scholarships strengthen human rights work in general by increasing the workforce in this field.

Local programs

For the European Parliament’s election in 2019, we aim to train 100 young voters to become polling officers, i.e. volunteers who manage polling stations in Berlin. Participants will learn about and discuss European politics, EU institutions and the importance of the European Parliament’s election and will get acquainted with the practicalities of the election process. The practical experience of contributing to democratic processes is supposed to strengthen the participant’s identification with European democracy and to encourage them for further social commitment. This project is implemented with the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung “Young Europe” and the Haus Rissen.

At the Foundation headquarters in Berlin-Kreuzberg we also conduct programs for children and youth. These include a Children’s Choir, a canoe group as well as an Urban Gardening Course.

Finance and Main Partners

The Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung is financed by private donors.

Our main partners are AFS, Experiment, YFU, Open Door International and the Schwarzkopf-Foundation “Young Europe”.