As a FREELANCE Kulturvermittler Ostholstein my Engagement is now Part of Livelong learning by doing! Was and be again a JULEICARD DE certified youthworker and studied Socialwork. Have been CEO of MUSIK SOUND VERTRIEBS GMBH and apprentance Trainer for EVENT TECHNICIAN and Event Management.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

I am personally now an activist for our FUTURE, the EU YOUTH.

This is why I became member of ,” Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V.”etc.

ONE BIG PRIORITY is to get away with lyrical applications for YOUTHORGANISATIONS.

This I did  Top down as often as possibel in EU and German Governmental Organisations. eg. Spatial foresite Research as well.

Youthgroup peer to peer EU Exchange visit travel (starting at 14 of age ) should have easier Access to funding.

Main Activities

I am Member of (Fehmarn OT Petersdorf )

For this ORG and for PROJECTS I am Fundraising.


Being persistent ,getting people engaged to collaberate in dialog and important Action

Finance and Main Partners and Schleswig Holstein Minister of Culture and Education for KULTURtrifftSCHULE Programm.

For mir Information Mail or call. +49 1736420696