The House of Europe in Paris is a meeting point for all who feel the need to discuss European issues and projects without necessarily being specialists or convinced.
It is also a place open to the public and it offers a personalized information service Europe Direct / Paris-Europe-Info.

House for European citizenship, the House of Europe is open to all and everyone, all ages, all nationalities, including his perspective in the non-EU nationals.
The House of Europe in Paris is part of the French Federation of Europe Houses.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Working for an active and inclusive European citizenship , the House of Europe in particular explores the cultural dimension of the European project, the representation of borders, the democratic and participatory , educational, economic and social issues of Europe.

Main Activities

– Organisation or participation in events: Europe Day, Prize of the European initiative, Figures of Europe, etc..
– Hosting of the Paris-Europe-info, which is part of the Europe Direct information center, information network on the European institutions.
– The House of Europe in Paris is also a venue for the activities of other organizations dealing with European issues. It offers, in addition to the provision of conference or meeting venues, a number of other services (technical equipment, interpretation, coffee breaks, meals).


A place dedicated to Europe, clearly identified in Paris.
A very useful and used venue for meetings on Europe.