Migreurop is a network of activists and scholars aimed at spreading knowledge about the generalization of retention for undocumented foreigners as well as the increasing number of camps, the latter being at the centre of EU migration policy.

It was created in 2002 at the conference of the European Social Forum on “Euorpe of Camps” organised in Florence

Today, Migreurope has 40 member associations in thirteen countries, and partner associations in about 10 countries

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– Gathering information about a complex reality, for the reason that it is intentionally hidden and that the geographical scale is specific.
– Naming a diverse reality: ‘The Europe of camps’, i.e. the set of devices that forces the disruption of migration paths.
– Denouncing forms of exclusion of foreigners and police repression (sometimes disguised as humanitarian aid)
– Making the Europe of camps known as well as the actions fighting against it by using all means possible.
– Acting at the European level in order to take actions against ‘the Europe of camps’ by promoting exchanges between groups that have different objectives and practices but that have the ability to take common steps occasionally.

Main Activities

– The Border Observatory.
– Data centre, included mapping the camps for migrants.
– Whistleblowing.


Migreurop maps the camps of migrants in Europe.
All the network participates to the Border Observatory.
It proposes a wide definition of the « camp » concept, including processes (not only places).