The National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB) is a nongovernmental, non profit organization, founded to support and to direct the activities of the Citizens Advice Bureaux (CABs).
ANBCC is made up of 37 NGOs both in urban and rural environments.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

ANBCC’s mission is to consolidate the Romanian society by oferring services of information/advice and by promoting the interests of all citizens in the decision making process.

Main Activities

– informing citizens on their rights
– coordinating the activities of the CABs,
– promoting the network of the CABs at the national level,
– representing the network of the CABs in relation with public authorities
– elaborating documents with potential impact in what concerns public policy making and social services sector, based on information furnished by the CABs.


– network of assistance to citizens and civil society
– civil society coordination both in rural and urban areas
– double funding: romanian and british governments