The Association "GRIN-LIST" was established in order to contribute to the development of democratic, environmental, tourism and cultural awareness in building mutual tolerance and respect for different opinions and beliefs. To achieve its goals and objectives, the Association organize public debates, panel discussions and public hearings. Also, the association contact the media to inform the public about the content of the activities of the association.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Main Activities

The association constantly has 12-15 volunteers who contribute to the realization of the projects.

The association “GRIN-LIST” is involved in realization of many projects and cooperates with other NGO-s and with governmental associations and with individuals from the country and abroad.

The association “GRIN-LIST” has active participation in humanitarian actions, initiates processes for development of civil awareness in the field of education, culture, ecology, tourism, gender equity.

Our volunteers participate in projects with children with disabilities, who participate in theatre shows, poetry performances and different workshops, all in purpose to make their life better.

Our association cooperates with primary and secondary schools and organize educative workshops in the field of multimedia and art.

The Association GRIN-LIST has experience in organizing workshops, exhibitions, theatre shows, documentary movies as well as publication of written, audio and video recordings.

GRIN-LIST has realized projects with: The Ministry of Culture of RNM, The Government of RNM, The Municipality of Bitola and public institutions (theaters, libraries and schools).