NIOK was founded in 1994 by the Nonprofit Research Group Association with the support of several umbrella organizations and experts.
It was created to strengthen civil society in Hungary

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– strengthen civil society in Hungary
– provide capacity building services to the non-governmental organizations
– build an environment supportive of the long-term future of NGOs.

Main Activities

– Dissemination of information through “Nonprofit Self-portrait”, newsletters, “Nonprofit information portal” (an openly used database of NGOs in Hungary with contact, activity and financial details of 12 000 organisations), media monitoring and a hot line service to answer the questions of those interested in NGO issues.
– Facilitation of civil dialogue, interest representation for the third sector: to strengthen links between public sector institutions and NGOs. NIOK is founder of the watchdog group monitoring
– Nonprofit Service Center: The aim of this project is to provide NGOs in Budapest and Pest County with hands-on assistance in their operation and management. It is a service centre for NGOs in a number of ways providing training and counselling, round table discussions with business and state actors, information assistance, publishing guidebooks, information and education leaflets, and a nonprofit library service.
– Social responsibility, philanthropy development to promote the emergence and development Hungarian private companies’ and individuals’ social responsibility.


Since NIOK was set up, the number of NGOs in Hungary has more than doubled (according to latest estimates, there are currently fifty thousand registered NGOs).

Over the past ten years, NIOK has been working hard to ensure that the growth in the number of NGOs is accompanied by a qualitative improvement in their activities.