Open Diplomacy is a French think tank focusing on international affairs
It is member of the G8&G20 Youth Network.
Through its activities the organisation offers the occasion to critically address the current political, economic or social challenges and to shape together the world we want to live in.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

-To promote an in-depth understanding of international relations for graduate students and young professionals.
-Through thematic programmes and worldwide Embassies, Open Diplomacy wants to promote the relations between current European and world leaders and future leaders.

Main Activities

– Conferences, lectures and seminars are regularly organised.
– Organisation of more informal meetings
– Publications.
– With the support of MEPs and major actors or experts, it regularly makes youth attend international Summits.


Its work with the future generations of leaders to encourage them to recognise the virtues of international dialogue by exposing them to multilateral negotiation techniques;