The «Forum» was born of an idea of federalist-minded associations which, in 1995, were seeking allies in civil society to promote a genuine European democracy.

The FORUM encourages the active participation, through their associations, of women and men in Europe in the construction of a European Union founded on shared constitutional values of peace, democracy, respect for human dignity and equality between women and men, solidarity and mutual recognition of cultural diversity, in short of a Union prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– produce and communicate information;
– be a place for dialogue and reflection
– promote actions of all kinds in order to achieve:
– An active European citizenship,
– A representative, participatory and equal European democracy,
– Governance that encourages better synergies between the European institutions and civil society while respecting the principle of subsidiarity and proportionality

Main Activities

– participation in the organisation of the Citizens Agoras organised at the European Parliament
– Writing and diffusion among the EU institutions of reccomendations, memorandums, analysis on the state of the dialogue with citizens and civil society
– organisation of debates and « days of reflection »


– place of communication and debate on Europe of citizens,
– active participation through the pubblication of analysis and reccomendations to the set up of policies aiming to improve the dialogue between the EU and European citizens
– regular dialogue with the European representatives to make Europe move in the sense of a rapprochement between EU institutions and citizens