We are a young team of certified instructors with experience in working with children. We have the enthusiasm and the desire to support the every day development and improvement of our students. We often host chess courses and competitions, both in Bucharest and in the surrounding area.

We want to cultivate our students with the pleasure and motivation to play chess. We want each student to reach his potential and develop new skills with chess. Whether it's performance or just initiation, we want our students to know the pleasure of playing chess, and of course, the rules that govern this game.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

The main objectives of the University Chess Sports Club are:

  • to improve the chess competencies of the students of the school;
  • to ensure the best personal development for the students;
  • to provide a medium that ensures access to the best chess information and activities available in Romania.
Main Activities
  • The Chess School;
  • Several local and national competitions where the students of the club participate every year;
  • The Chess Club organizes every year local and national competitions;
  • Summer, Winter and Autumn Chess Camps;
  • CSU Chess Cup – certified chess competition by the Romanian Chess Federation and the World Chess Federation – 10-th edition;
  • Seasonal Chess Competitons;
  • Chess Champions Cup – certified by the Romanian Chess Federation and the World Chess Federation;
  • CSU Grand Prix – certified by the Romanian Chess Federation and the World Chess Federation;
  • Chess competitions for adults;
  • Gaudeamus Cup – chess competition for children and adults;
  • Parents Cump;
  • Family Clotz Competition – a parent and his child play chess together against other teams composed in the same way – the competition enjoyed a great success in the first year it was organized;
  • Santa Claus Chess Cup.

The main strengths of the University Chess Sports Club are the team of coaches and a group of hearty supporters that work to support students to develop the best chess competencies and ensure continuous enjoyment of chess as a sport and as personal development method.

Finance and Main Partners

The main sponsors of the University Chess Sports Club are private companies and individuals. The chess courses for children are supported by monthly membership fees.