Upper Secondary School of Chemistry (SPSCH) is a state school established in 1953. It offers education in these study programmes:
- Applied Chemistry with specializations in Analytical Chemistry, Chemical-pharmaceutical Production, Pharmaceutical Substancies, and Analyses of Chemical and Biological Materials.
- Fire Protection
- Cosmetic Services
- Safety and Legal Studies.
It also offers two vocational programmes: Hairdresser and Chemist.

Legal form
VET school

SPSCH Pardubice is seeking:

  • Improving school management
  • Increasing staff competency development
  • Internationalisation of study programmes
  • Modernisation and internationalisation of study environment
  • Establishing strategic partnership nationally and internationally for school modernisation and capacity building
  • Establishing strong brand of school internationally
Main Activities

SPSCH Pardubice is providing education service in 4 main study programmes that were mentioned before.

It is very active in international projects (Erasmus+ KA101, 102, 105, KA229, 201, 202, 205; INTERREG V, Fullbright, etc.) and have experience from 1998 (Leonardo, Comenius, LLP, etc.).


SPSCH Pardubice can be described as having:

  • Long experience in international activities (different projects and programmes) dated from 1998
  • Management openess to innovation and development
  • Focus towards improvement of educational environment
  • Implemented modernisation of laboratories (chemistry), out-door and in-door facilities for fire fightersĀ“ and security training, physical education facilities, smart boards in majority of the classrooms
  • The only VET programme of Applied Chemistry, Fire Protection and Security and Law in Pardubice region
  • School has established International Cooperation Team, dedicated to internationalisation
  • Developed substitution system to support staff mobility
  • At least half of staff (administrative and teachers) has international experience
  • Have a few foreign colleagues who are well integrated in the school
  • School belongs to several strong networks related to study and management quality assurance (EfVET, ECVET, ECTN, NQF, CREDCHEM)
  • School has strong partnership with local companies in the area of Chemistry, and significant strategic partners operating in the field of Fire Protection and Security in Pardubice Region and also across the country
Finance and Main Partners

As SPSCH Pardubice is governmental school, it’s finances are assigned by Czech government. Also school receive funding through National, International projects.

The School has more than 60 local partners in area of education, industry, etc. also it has more than 50 international partners: schools, universities, research centers, non governmental organisations, associations, private companies, etc.