The Stockholm Network is a pan-European think tank and market oriented network.

Both a pan-European think tank and a networking organisation, its mission is finding and promoting successful market-oriented policy ideas as well as communicating these ideas in ways that are usable, accessible and relevant for policymakers, the media and the general public

The Network is a forum for sharing, exchanging and developing pan-European research and best practice.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

– find an efficient method of connecting like-minded policymakers and thinkers;
– encourage collaboration on joint research projects in order to share the most successful policy innovations and arguments more widely;
– ensure a wider audience and a more co-ordinated approach to the dissemination of market-oriented ideas within Europe and beyond its borders.

Main Activities

– comprehensive directory available online of European free market think tanks and thinkers.
– advertisment of forthcoming events (their own and those of partner organisations)
– facilitate publication exchange and translation between think tanks.
– post regular news flashes and updates on European think tanks and their activities.
– organisation of events that provide opportunities for networking with high-profile European policy makers and opinion formers
– publication of researches and analysis


Network within the EU and online database of thinks tanks and their events