TEPSA is a non profit association created in 1974 and the first transeuropean research network,
TEPSA network comprises leading research institutes in the field of European affairs throughout Europe
TEPSA exemplifies the ‘bottom-up’ approach to European governance, and contributes to the EU’s dialogue with citizens.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

– to study or to organise research on problems relating to the development of European integration, based on human rights and democracy,
– to propose solutions,
– to promote their taking into consideration by institutions, both private and public, at national or Community level,
– to diffuse the results of its work

Main Activities

– organisation of events such as workshops, conferences, debates, etc., contributing to a multidisciplinary and transnational approach of major themes of the European political actuality,
– organisation of training sessions and seminars about key issues of the European policy,
– coordination of research, advices and briefings made by TEPSA’s member institutes for the European Institutions and policy makers,
– contacts with organisations and institutes active in or closely associated with the elaboration of the European politics or its study,
– cooperation with transeuropean research projects,
– any other activity directly or indirectly useful to the achievement of its main purpose.


-The bottom-up approach
-With its decentralized approach, TEPSA combines the strengths of its members and enriches the results of their work.