- transnational campaign lauched by Michael Efler and Carsten Berg from Democracy International aiming to work on and promote the new european citizens initiative instrument introduced by the Lisbon Treaty
- The ECI is the first transnational instrument of participatory democracy in world history and enables one million EU citizens to call directly on the European Commission to propose legislation of interest to them in an area of EU competence.

Legal form
Initiative without a legal form

– promote the ECI instrument
– make it workable and understandable by european citizens
– participate to its definition and its concrete implementation

Main Activities

– Following of the development of the ECI implementing rules
– Regular exchange with decision makers within the European Parliament, Council and European Commission.
– organisation of events on the ECI, participation in hearings on the ECI
– ECI Campaign encourages every citizen to get involved in advocating for citizens-friendly implementing regulations for the ECI.


– ECI campaign reach a lot of citizens through the new ICT
– The campaign succeeded in placing the ECI into the EU treaty
– It is the first transnational instrument of direct democracy: the campaign is very important to define citizen-friendly implementing rules