Union of Cypriots was founded by Cypriots who have been struggling for communal existence in the north of Cyprus since 1974.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

According to its constitution, the objectives of the Union of Cypriots are:

  • to protect, strengthen and reanimate the relations in the Cypriot community through effective local and international means;
  • to revitalize, empower and reinforce the national sentiment and consciousness of its people, as well as educate about the Cypriot culture, history and politics;
  • to promote its ideology of Cypriotism with its principles and progressive values;
  • to organize the Cypriot community’s movements and actions in order to achieve a unitary solution concerning the Cyprus issue with the idea of one nation, one flag, one homeland and one state;
  • to corporate with international organizations, institutions, charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities to lobby for Cypriots’ rights and work against the illegal Turkish occupation of Cyprus.