UNITED coordinates, supports and strengthens a network of 560 organisations from 46 European countries.
Memberships all share values such as intercultural communication, diversity and Human Rights.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations
  • An end to racism, fascism, nationalism & discrimination.
  • Equal Rights for All.
  • Respect for Diversity.
  • Open Borders.
  • Open Minds.
Main Activities
  • Europe-wide campaigns: Action Week Against Racism around 21st March; International Refugee Day on 20th June; International Day Against Fascism & Antisemitism on 9th Nov; Fatal Realities of Fortress Europe, the list documenting refugee deaths since 1993.
  • International conferences – to create a platform for anti-racist activists.
  • Info-Point – to support and inform the movement.
  • Lobby.
  • Information system – to efficiently reach 8000 stakeholders across Europe.

A large movment aims to fight racism in Europe.
A focus on the needed cooperation between cultures.