A regional political party under the Volt movement in Delft, the Netherlands.

Legal form
Political Party

Our long-term vision is enshrined in three fundamentals goals:

  1. Maximization of prosperity. The maximization of the economic prosperity of European nations and their citizens in a sustainable manner.
  2. Elimination of prejudice and barriers. The elimination of prejudices and social barriers that cause the sufferance and discrimination of people who belong to minorities and groups historically discriminated against, or who come from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds.
  3. European integration. The creation of a Pan-European Progressive Movement, built upon national-level Progressive Movements, to foster the European integration in the near future.
Main Activities

In our activities we strive to engage local people in the European Union and its politics. With our campaigning we reach out to voters on doorsteps, or in the streets, or through social media. We listen to people’s concerns and ideas about Europe and disseminate Volt’s ideas through the community. From our members we get feedback into our policies and our campaigns.


As a young party, our strength is our energy and flexibility. We can adapt to new problems that arise, we have the energy to look at them with a can-do attitude. The hierarchy in the structure of Volt is also a strength. Local teams campaign in their own way, and thus reach out to people in a very ‘close’ way. The local teams have the freedom in their activities to do what they think is best, while maintaining the Volt movement’s ideals. Young people are usually an untapped audience, who just start to know about politics and everything it entails, and they are the future.

Finance and Main Partners

Financing is strictly from donations and member’s fee (€33 per year). Donations are gathered on a local basis, with the national teams organising national events with money donated to the national party. Local teams can apply to the national team for a grant, however, the vast majority of funding of local teams comes from donations.