WeCitizens was established as a Belgian non-profit association in 2012 in order to promote:
- The interest from the citizen for politics ; a culture of preferential votes
- A vibrant democracy at the service of the persons.
- The excellence in the public management : getting the best quality / cost ratio in the public services

The association is pluralistic and independant from any institution, be it political or philosophical. The publications are subject to the approval of a scientific committee, composed of university professors. Each political party has appointed a “single point of contact” in order to establish a good communication with WeCitizens.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

WeCitizens is aiming to:
• Help the citizens in their role as voter, with vote advice applications and other transparency tools
• Become as popular as Wikipedia when information about Belgian politicians is looked for
• Act as ‘quality surveyor’ of public management
• Develop educational activities concerning citizenship.
WeCitizens will take maximal advantage of the link between all its activities. Articles analyzing concrete examples of public management will mention the political responsible. In the Political Directory, under any politician’s name, a link will remit to the articles where he is involved.

Main Activities

Developing transparency tools:
– vote advice applications
– Political Directory
– rating of political parties regarding transparency, etc.


Good track record with our vote advice application in 2014: 3 elections, 1500 candidates participating, 63000 consultations.

Finance and Main Partners

Two main sources of income:
– membership fees (individuals and firms)
– sale of services : the full access to the Political Directory, surveys of the politicians


presentation of the VAA and the Political Directory