Mreža Zapadnog Balkana – Western Balkans Network (WEB) is a non-governmental organization, founded as result of the successful regional educational program Model International Criminal Court Western Balkans – MICC WeB. It brings together individuals, interest groups, professional associations and organizations that seek to nurture regional cooperation and reconciliation, by organizing joint workshops, meetings, roundtables, seminars and exchanges.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Main Activities

As an organization founded in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, all of our founders and most active members have long-standing experience with community work that extends across both sides of the Neretva river. Growing up in the city that has continued to bear the image of being divided long after the conflict between the Bosniak/Muslim and Croat/Catholic citizens has turned us into people who believe in conflict resolution, in dialogue, in humanity and humanism surpassing divisions that are imposed on us. Depolarization in our work has meant trying to bring ‘all sides’ to the table and to the room in all of our activities, regardless of whether the topic was cultural heritage, tourism cooperation, or human rights education. Most often, our experience has taught us that it is the effort of bringing distrustful individuals together that is more difficult, than the work that follows once we are all in the same room, sitting across from each other or next to each other – discussing common concerns and similar hopes for the future.