Our mission is to foster the work of youth educators, teachers, and caregivers for continuous learning towards professional development.

Our practice of youth education helps participants become aware of their acquired skills and competencies through many learning opportunities.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Main Activities

Our Classroom

Our goal is to promote social values and improving the skills of young people by involving them in the decision-making process for more effective impact, through tolerance and coexistence with other young people and to foster the work of youth educators for professional development and psychological well-being.

Our work consists of promoting a youth dialogue, contributing to surveys, workshops, and events related to policy reform or other educational initiatives. The objective is to motivate citizens to collaborate in equal treatment among decision-makers by educating them on continuous learning values through an opportunity to interact, make decisions, talk about issues and promote democratic and civic participation with the objective of social inclusion through debates and workshops.

As a nonprofit organization, we have already worked on project recall activities and workshops on the history of learning, diversification, and solidarity. We carry out activities that include meetings and debates, exhibitions and cultural visits, letter reading, art, and culture in historical sites, documentaries, and monuments. In the long term, the experiences and benefits of our projects have helped youth workers and young people as an act of participation in societies that promote citizenship and solidarity with all.