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A campaign that aims to influence the upcoming elections to the European Parliament is circulating on the networks, with the aim of putting women’s rights and gender equality at the forefront of the future European political agenda. We are talking about the campaign # FemEU2019, a citizen exercise of involvement and participation, non-partisan and civic.

The campaign, # FemEU2019, has started in Barcelona with the help of Fundación Aroa and Eurolocal, and seeks to promote debate, reflection and participation of citizens, taking as a reference the contribution of women in the process of building Europe and, in this way, to value the need to influence the gender perspective as a necessary focus to build the future of Europe.

eCivis joins and supports the initiative, collaborating with the organizing entities with the purpose of adding more committed people.

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You can also support the campaign, #FemEU strength is the sum and diversity of all the voices!

Fill out the support form “We make Europe with Feminist outlook

Download the template # FemEU2019, take a photo and support through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (@ fem_eu2019) with the hashtags #Fem_EU # Fem_EU2019 # eleccionsUE2019 # EP2019 #FeministEurope #WonemontheEEroad #thistimeimvoting.

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Neus Pociello Cayuela
Fundación AROA

Joaquim Millan
Tel. 607.23.50.97