What do you want to achieve with this project?

We are looking for stories of activists, associations, movements or groups of citizens who are organising solidarity and civic contestation and making policy proposals to ensure rights are at the centre of the response amid the COVID-19 crisis in face of a restricted civic space.

We are particularly interested in the transformative and emancipatory potential of these struggles, empowering activists and people in general to step from reaction to the crisis to positive outcome and even systemic change in the post-COVID-19 reality.

Six of them will be selected by the European Civic Forum based on:
1) the positive impact of their action on their communities as well as on the political and public life;
2) the potential for positive spill-over effects in the aftermath of the crisis;
3) the general state of civic space and fundamental rights in the European Union countries in which they operate.

The selection will also try to ensure a fair territorial and thematic representation of various roles and activities of civic actors and diverse rights related issues.

Selected activists will be invited to a reward ceremony in Brussels in winter 2020, and their stories will be collected in the Activizenship #5 magazine (find the background note here:

Please complete all the sections as fully as possible. If you leave a section blank, it will be difficult to evaluate the nomination. Try, as far as possible, to give concrete evidence of what is asked.

Nominations are open until 31 May

Read the stories selected in 2019 here:

What are the details of the project?

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