What do you want to achieve with this project?

K-Monitor is organizing a workshop “Conspiracy for Democracy” in Budapest on June 4th on collaboration models between NGOs, activist and local governments with the support of Fundaction!

The event will consist of two parts

1) General debate on cooperation and participation on the local level.

2) Thematic group discussions on transparency (focus on budgets) and enabling participation.

Around 20-30 participants from Hungary/Europe will attend the event. We expect from participants contribution with own experiences in how they cooperated with local municipalities (or NGOs if the participant comes from a municipality).

The aim of the event is to map best practices, dos and don’ts and connect people who are active on this field in the region and to document insights so we can later provide those civic groups who have not been active yet on this field with information from practitioners. We truly believe that the local level can be a fruitful ground for new types of participation and good governance, we need to better understand how successful cooperation can be established and maintained.

Since we’d like to see many folks from this community at the event, we invite you to register and apply for travel grants by April 26th. We can cover accommodation, travel only for a limited number of participants.

If you apply, please briefly describe your experience in such cooperation (short summary, location, topic you worked on, links, background materials if available). We would like to have a diverse group of participants with different experience, background.

Please send your application to by April 26th.