What do you want to achieve with this project?

Digital Chocolate explores the role of digital tools for citizens to stimulate civic innovation and crowdsource government innovation.

Digital Powered Civic Innovation

In current times government strives to keep up with innovation and benefit from the digital transformation. We explore a range of digital tools for government, starting with civic innovation as a stimulus for new models of city making. We seek to understand the related impact on city government; policy, resources, skills, collaborations. Support from a European network of organisations works with local stakeholders to explore issues, discuss range of tools and experiment with pilots.

Understanding the potential benefits and impacts of digital tools is an important first step to action. Starting with civic engagement in innovation should develop community to speak with and crowd source innovation – aligning with citizens need and broadening possible solutions.

Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

Looking for small-mid size city municipalities interested to join in network 2020-2023 on the topic of digital tools, citizen engagement, government innovation.

Central/easter Europe is of particular interest.

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What are the details of the project?

Helping government figure out the digital future is critical. Digital Chocolate looks at a specific core topic and explores the broader landscape to help cities prepare. We look at globally sourced digital tools to stimulate local civic innovation.