What do you want to achieve with this project?

Agora Ciudadana is a project to commemorate Europe Day with citizen participation as the heart of the proposal. Taking as reference the mission and vision of our organization, and the context of the elections to the European Parliament, coinciding in Spain with the municipal and regional ones, we propose an initiative of commitment and citizen debate that sensitizes people, from the local level, about the importance of participation, not only with the electoral horizon in sight, but as an everyday act of which we are protagonists as part of a community.

The main objective is to give a voice to citizens before and outside the ballot box, to promote and weave networks between active participation processes, at local and European level. For this, we pursue the following specific objectives:

  1. Foster the debate between the MEPs and citizens, bringing the daily life of the European institutions closer to the local environment, to show the proximity and interconnection between both.
  2. To disclose experiences of participation at local and European level, from a gender perspective, which favors co-creation processes and the creation of networks and new projects.
  3. To promote in parallel a face-to-face space and also a virtual space for debate and reflection, where the impressions of the people in their relationship with Europe are collected, so as to depersonalize the European and give meaning to the reasons for participating in the elections .
Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

Collaboration in the dissemination of the activities, articles and consultation about the future of Europe.

Collaboration in the open space for dialogue, as one of the activities to be developed in the proposal. Patronage or suppor for carrying it out.

Contact with other organizations who work on active citizenship and participation, not only with a political view, but thinking about the empowerment of people through knowledge. This is our mail goal.

What are the details of the project?

Agora Ciudadana is part of the V Edition of Europe Day. The eCivis association has been commemorating this Day not as an institutional act, but as a citizen act, of proximity of the local to the European, giving voice to people, from a European context, to discuss what matters to us.

Therefore, the planned activities are proposed in the time period between April 1 and May 9, 2019, with two clearly defined spaces: on the one hand, the University of Deusto, as a space to promote the debate of citizenship with the Basque MEPs, and on the other, different spaces in Getxo. In addition, a third, virtual space is contemplated, where through the Osoigo platform of political participation, we want to expand that space of citizen participation by involving others and other MEPs and political class, generating a debate with citizens.

Why do we think that our project is necessary to achieve our goal? Because we think that the concept of citizen participation has been perverted with the passage of time. From being something innovative, something refreshing in the way of doing politics and relating to citizenship, it has become something else, institutionalized, bureaucratic and again, far away for people. This is in addition to the current situation of the European Union, where if the institutional framework seems distant to citizenship, now it is therefore, suspicious and retrograde for many people. It is necessary to value the European, from its origins, recovering the founding values ​​and putting citizenship at the center.

For this reason we want to bring to light the experiences of participation that allow us to see that it is possible to participate in a conscious, creative and constructive way in public affairs, and also to connect it with the process of European construction, so that we can weave a bridge between what is really participating, and the need to also demonstrate it in the context of the elections, which are a point and followed by the citizen’s commitment.

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • citizenship
  • elections
  • Europe Day
  • European Parliament
  • participation