What do you want to achieve with this project?

This is an opinion survey which is the first step of a structured dialogue and, along with a series of meetings with stakeholders, will be used to formulate the international conference “From Outcasts to Assets. Potentials & Challenges from the Migration Crisis”.

The  conference will be organised in November in Athens and will host panel discussions with citizens, policy makers, representatives of migrants’ communities and other stakeholders on effective policies for the integration of migrants in host societies.

If you want to make sure that it will include topics you are interested in hearing;

If you want to suggest speakers that have something important to say on this matter;

then please take a few minutes to participate!

Your contribution is valuable!


What are the details of the project?

The structured dialogue takes place in the context of Outcast Europe project. Outcast Europe aims to improve conditions for intercultural dialogue and civic participation. This is important both for maintaining the EU’s image as an advocate of human and social rights and also for addressing its own multiple, internal challenges. In 18-month period, the project will involve 1200 citizens from 6 countries (Greece, Bulgaria, f.Y.R. Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary) with distinct roles and policy agendas throughout the ongoing migration flow and refugee crisis.

Outcast Europe is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.